Investment Declaration

Defines the trends and prospects for the development of the region in the formation of investment policy
02 Investment development goals

The main objectives of the investment development of the Yaroslavl region are

An increase in the real growth of investments in fixed assets

Improving the investment climate of the Yaroslavl region

It is planned to achieve the main goals by
  • establishing clear and transparent conditions for conducting investment activities
  • ensuring the growth of investment activity of economic entities
03 General description of the regional investment standard

A regional investment standard consisting of the following elements is being implemented in the Yaroslavl Region

04 Key Features

The industrial sector is a basic component of the Yaroslavl Region's economy


enterprises and organizations
industrial activities

Innovative industries are actively developing in the Yaroslavl Region

Organizations that carry out research and development
Large investment projects With a total investment volume of more than 230 billion rubles

billion rubles

The volume of investments in fixed assets of organizations in the region, including small businesses, in 2021

It is planned to implement at least 50 major investment projects in the region, the total investment volume is at least 150 billion rubles

The industrial infrastructure is represented by specialized industrial (industrial) parks, technoparks and investment sites with allocated land plots:

  • Novoselki Industrial Park of the Greenfield type 
  • Tutaev Industrial Park of the Greenfield type 
  • Kopaevo investment site of the Greenfield type 
  • Tutaevsky industrial park "Master" of Brownfield type 
  • Innovative business park "Creative and technological quarter "KORD Factory" type Brownfield 
  • Pereslavl Technopark  
  • Industrial (industrial) park "Technopark of Locales" type Brownfield 
  • Industrial (industrial) park "Technopark-ARM" type Brownfield 

The Yaroslavl Region provides state support measures in the form of tax incentives for the following categories of investors

Приоритетные инвестиционные проекты

Priority investment projects

Резиденты индустриальных (промышленных) парков Ярославской области

Residents of industrial parks of the Yaroslavl region

Участники региональных инвестиционных проектов

Participants of regional investment projects


Special investment contracts

3 территории опережающего развития (Тутаев, Ростов, Гаврилов-Ям)

3 territories of advanced development (Tutaev, Rostov, Gavrilov-Yam)

Получение земельных участков в аренду без торгов Obtaining land plots for rent without bidding

Competitive advantages of the region
High degree of economic diversification
High level of development of manufacturing industries
High level of industrial development, high scientific and technical potential
Yaroslavl is the third largest regional center of the Central Federal District, a major regional center
The presence of an extensive historical and cultural heritage, attractiveness for external tourism
A developing pharmaceutical cluster, whose members are leading international corporations
Availability of a training system for professional and scientific personnel
Advantageous geographical location
Priority directions of investment development of the Yaroslavl region
Приоритетные инвестиционные проекты


Агропромышленный комплекс

Agro-industrial complex

Строительство и производство стройматериалов

Construction and production of building materials



Обрабатывающая промышленность

Manufacturing industry

05 Investment obligations of the Yaroslavl region

In order to protect investors, the Yaroslavl Region undertakes the following obligations

Preventing deterioration of the conditions for the implementation of investment projects
Compliance with the principle of public availability of information on measures of state support for investment activities in the Yaroslavl region
Strict compliance with the conditions for providing support measures to investors in the Yaroslavl region
Compliance by authorities and organizations with the deadlines for approval and provision of permits necessary for conducting investment activities
Prompt consideration of disputes arising during the implementation of investment projects in the Yaroslavl region in a pre-trial manner
06 Investment team of the Yaroslavl region

A professional investment team has been formed and operates in the region – a group of highly qualified specialists in the field of investment and entrepreneurial activity headed by the Governor of the region


comprehensive support of investment projects in the Yaroslavl region and their expert support at all stages of implementation

The region has a one-stop-shop procedure for investor support

Learn more about the investment team of the Yaroslavl region

The Investment team